The House of Traders trading group is an awesome community where similar mindsets meet to push ourselves along the journey of acquiring wealth. We have a few different channels where you can focus on your chosen interest. These channels include our main channel, option trading room(signals and play are offered), investing room(dividend stock portfolios), and much more.

Padmond also hosts weekly zoom meetings where he discusses potential moves for the upcoming week and also answers any questions group members may have. Another awesome feature of the group is our guest speaker series! Ranging from all topics like cryptocurrency, real estate and even hearing from current millionaires and their personal journey!

This group is for you whether you are a beginner or experienced. Our goal is to build wealth regardless! We’d love to have you join the family!


  • Trading Options Course
  • Learn how to read charts
  • Learn how to invest in stocks for longterm gains
  • Weekly Live sessions
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Daily Signals for Stocks, Forex & Crypto
  • Learn how to invest in Crypto
  • Amazing Group/Community
  • Grow your Portfolio with us
  • Fund Management by House of Traders(HoT)
1€ for each year